Each story below depicts a veteran or spouse who faced challenges in their lives either through separation from the military or thriving within the confines of military life. These personal tales offer inspiration for those looking to reset their financial paths.


Air Force veteran David Tenenbaum joined the military in honor of the forces who liberated his father from a concentration camp. Upon leaving the military, Tennenbaum realized he missed the ability to serve and created a nonprofit, which in turn, taught him the value of financial security.


Army veteran Alicia Hanf experienced an incredible loss of identity and purpose after her mother’s tragic death. Hanf’s exploration of veteran resources helped her recalibrate and forge a path for her family.


Navy veteran turned Social Media Influencer Austin Alexander makes physical fitness accessible to everyone through his popular YouTube channel. But financial fitness is just as important to him. Alexander shares his financial struggles while serving, and learning to strengthen his finances after separating.


Raymond Lott, a.k.a. “The Marine Rapper,” left the Marine Corps and returned to LA with the last of his savings. Lott’s journey led him to the VA where he regained his tempo and found purpose and healing in creating music.


Coast Guard veteran Lamont Brown learned his love of cooking young. After separating, Lamont yearned to open a restaurant but had to pick up the financial knowhow in order to make his dream a tasty success.


Retired Navy submariner Doug Nordman spent his time in the military saving where he could, and he still felt unprepared when it came to retirement. Nordman shares resources available to veterans and retirees, and the way he found a second life on the surface.


Flossie Hall, the founder of the Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs, has always been familiar with learning on the fly. Hall shares her role as a mother, being a military spouse, and becoming an entrepreneur and encouraging other people to do the same.


Air Force veteran Alani Bankhead joined the military to protect and serve, and when she separated she was still determined to do just that. Though she struggled to save, she focused on creating the financial security necessary to become a state special agent and continue to protect her community.