Commissioned by the VA Office of Research & Development (ORD), we produced five 5-8 minute videos on historical & current, cutting-edge research projects to promote ORD's annual “Research Week” event.


These historical breakthrough stories are told through a narrative (scripted) format and paired with their corresponding contemporary story counterpart. VA ORD approved this creative approach — adding screenwriting, casting, production design and other narrative parameters to the production plan.

Fighting for Veterans - Life & Limb

Nobel Prize recipient Rosalyn Yalow developed her insulin-measuring technique in a 1950s VA janitor's closet. Today, VA researchers are investigating innovative techniques to save the lives and limbs of diabetic veterans.

Heartwarming Innovation

From the first successful human liver transplant to the invention of the warm perfusion organ storage technology, the VA has changed the landscape of organ transplants to one in which countless more lives are saved.

Project Life Force

Protecting those who protected us, the VA's Project Life Force research builds a network of support for those who struggle with suicidal ideation.

The Code to Catch Cancer

Problem-solving is at the heart of VA research. In the case of Dr. Singh, the problem being solved is patient follow-up for irregular cancer screening results and the solution: an algorithm. Utilizing the most modern technologies available, the VA continues to look out for its veteran community.

Brain Games

From the invention of the CT-scan in the 1960s to virtual reality developed today, the VA has used every technological innovation it can to better understand, study, and treat traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).