We Are The Mighty was hired to collaborate with VA mental health professionals to write, produce and deliver a series of scripted short films based on true stories of veterans overcoming suicidal ideation. Our creative team worked closely with the VA to develop scripts and cast military veteran actors to bring these stories to life. The four videos were shot over the course of seven days in LA with a production crew of over 50 crew members led by director & Navy veteran August Dannehl and the support of several military veteran-crew positions.

Date of Death

A reclusive Marine veteran is jolted back into the real world by a visit from a family member from his past. At first unable to distinguish dreams from reality, he ultimately finds peace after he glimpses a future without his daughter.

Guitar Hero

Suffering from crippling survivor's guilt, an Army veteran struggles to move on, fearing it will mean forgetting his fallen friend. He clings to his friend's guitar to keep his memory alive but after a timely visit he is inspired to move on.

Trigger Warning

An Army veteran-turned-chef is often triggered back to his combat trauma. Re-living the horror of losing his battle buddy, he strains family relationships only to realize this fuels his lasting trauma — now he must make amends.


Following the suicide of her husband, Army veteran and Firefighter escapes into her position as a first responder. Realizing no number of saved victims can bring back her husband, she finds new purpose in her love for their daughter.