Each episode is an inspiring story of how these veterans got to where they are today. We are ‘Oscar Mike’ (military slang for ‘on the move’) and we’re on a mission to show that, for these veterans, military service is just the beginning.


Curtis is schooled by Marine Corps Veteran Raymond "The Marine Rapper" Lott on how to write, record, and film a rap music video, and has to do like The Marine Rapper did when he left service: make the most of what you're given.


Curtis learns some sick stunts from top stunt driver and former Navy Seabee, Jim Wilkey, and gets a bit of advice following on your inner drive.


Curtis fights like Rambo with the help of former Green Beret Sniper Mike Glover, whose 17 years of military service makes him an expert in survival skills.


Curtis digs deep when Navy Veteran and dirt bike racer Jacqueline Carrizosa asks him to complete his first jump. Carrizosa reminds veterans that transitioning to civilian life starts with focusing on the little things.


Curtis gets tips for the racetrack from Navy Veteran and current NASCAR stock car driver Jesse Iwuji, who reminds returning veterans that gaining momentum on the path in civilian life is as simple as taking one step in the direction of your dreams.


Curtis goes head to head with veteran athlete Daniel Rodriguez, who coaches recent veterans on the importance of letting your team support you, on and off the field.


Curtis meets Aaron Barruga, a sharpshooter who shows him how to shoot like a pro, and how a veteran can hustle and pivot their way into a successful civilian career.


Curtis experiences the rush of white water kayaking as Air Force Veteran Russel Davies describes the fulfillment he finds in his battles with the river's strongest currents.


Former Navy Seal David Meadows leads Curtis through some of the most difficult, demanding training he's ever done: acting exercises. Now a professional actor, Meadows insists returning veterans shouldn't feel daunted by the transition to civilian life.


Curtis confronts a crisis of masculinity while facing down a straight-out-of-Hollywood action movie situation - can he apply the skills he's learned through the series to survive his inner and outer conflicts?