The “Tools for Success” series depicts four incredible veterans with remarkable transition stories to help inspire the military community and showcase Craftsman’s dedication to our servicemembers. Each story reflects personal components of the highlighted veteran and their stuggle/successes with their new paths in life.


Poto Leifi, an Army veteran, talks about growing up as an artist, joining the military at 38 years old after the events of September 11, 2001, and eventually creating illustrated vintage-style recruiting posters for the Army. His path after leaving service, however, has been honoring fallen service members through this kind of illustration, keeping their memories alive and carrying on their legacies.


Retired Navy SEAL Mikal Vega discusses the importance of family in his journey in the military, from following in his father’s footsteps to leaning on his wife in his darkest hours. As a civilian, he inspires others to overcome post-traumatic stress through a program called Vital Warrior, bringing meditative practices like yoga to those like him who can benefit from them.


Marine veteran Ronnie Simpson joined the military the day after the US invaded Iraq, and returned with injuries from a firefight that significantly affected his eyesight. Once he made it home, he found himself feeling lost and purposeless, and tells the story of finding his freedom and direction again with his own boat, an organization dedicated to sailing as a form of healing, and a life on the sea.


When Army veteran Adam Renteria returned home, he found that he had no model for what success looked like in the civilian sector, living out of his car and motels as he tried to find a way to care for himself and his family, especially his son. Since getting back on his feet, he has put his time and energy into the veteran sector, working to connect vets with the tools they need to succeed after their lives of service.